Beijing Eastyida International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Beijing Eastyida International Exhibition Co., Ltd



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3Mth Floor, Building 4, Hanwei Int'l Plaza, 186 South 4th Ring West Road, Fengtai District
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About us

Eastyida International Exhibition Co.,Ltd is one of the most authoritative international professional exhibition companies in China,have accumulated 15 years experience of overseas agents,organize,exhibitors service and marketing,and keep good relations of cooperation with big exhibition companies and organizers around the world.Now,in many countries,we enjoy special preferential treatment and subsidies.And we are the exclusive agent of some exhibitions which are popular and in emerging markets.Meanwhile,most of our project,we are one class agent.

Eastyida was established in 2002,headquartered in Beijing,a subsidiary company in Shanghai,has more than 100 employees.We organized about 1500 exhibition group until December,2015,covered 43 countries and regions such as Germany and the united states,including 120 exhibition projects,3000 foreign trade enterprise,4000 exhibitors and 50000sqm exhibit areas.

We devoted ourselves to offer enterprises the best exhibition platform,provide a professional and high-quality service for entrepreneurs,pay our attention to quality and detail.Eastyida will help customers realize the maximize interests of exhibiting by our best experience and lean skill.

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