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Nettetaler Str. 113 - 117
41751 Viersen-Boisheim
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CLAYTEC Imagevideo "Natürlich Leben - natürlich Wohnen"

Schauspieler Thomas M. Held ist bekennender Lehmbau-Fan. In diesem selbstproduzierten Spot visualisiert er diejenigen As…

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CLAYTEC offers clay building materials in system. We have developed pioneering clay dry construction systems with clay building boards for timber construction. They are innovative, fast and safe. For the carpenter this means: competence in the top topic of ecology, new interesting customer groups and pleasure in working with natural building materials. We offer our customers comprehensive support for this. Last but not least, we are the professionals for historical half-timbered restoration.

Experience and continuity: We have been working with clay for more than 35 years, a whole decade as a craftsman's business. This has given us a feeling for the building material, from these roots we have developed the products and techniques of CLAYTEC building materials made of clay. Your benefit: Really mature building materials and applications.

Technical know-how: Heat insulation, sound insulation, fire protection - if clay wants to be a modern building material, questions have to be answered as to how they occur in the highly technical and complex building of our days. To bring out the special properties of clay, new ways are needed. That's what we are specialists for.

Product Quality: We have not only helped to develop the most important rules and standards for modern earthen building, but also live them. We feel responsible for the quality of every single product, every delivery. With us you know what you get. Reliable and consistent quality is one of our most important trump cards.

Top information media: Application technology in words and pictures, understandable, precise, reliable. We not only supply data sheets but also instructions for modern earthen building. And images that are fun to watch.

<history: when="" breidenbach="" earthen="" building="" began="" to="" be="" built="" with="" earth="" in="" 1984,="" knowledge="" and="" expertise="" were="" at="" the="" level="" of="" immediate="" post-war="" period.="" from="" very="" beginning,="" aim="" company="" was="" take="" clay="" out="" niche="" singular="" applications="" by="" craftsmen="" builders="" integrate="" it="" into="" structures="" today's="" industry.="" claytec="" had="" component="" values="" determined="" for="" historical="" constructions="" which="" there="" no="" evidence="" literature.="" a="" particularly="" important="" field="" development="" interior="" insulation="" techniques="" half-timbered="" houses="" other="" old="" buildings.="" modern="" ecological="" drywall="" are="" constantly="" being="" investigated="" optimized,="" especially="" regard="" noise="" protection.="" regulations="" use="" materials="" is="" well="" developed="" germany="" occupies="" leading="" international="" position.="" plays="" significant="" role="" this,="" e.g.="" through="" co-authorship="" introduced="" authorities="" intensive="" participation="" din="" standards="" committees="" specialist="" bodies.CLAYTEC also works out the positive properties of earthen building materials and highlights aspects that could be discussed as critical. It is particularly important to investigate the effect of earthen building materials on the indoor climate, indoor air humidity and odours. Acoustic aspects and sound insulation properties are further focal points. One current field is the well-founded proof of the excellent environmental properties (UPD) of CLAYTEC earthen building materials. .

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