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Product description

The CladBoy is the modular and versatile vacuum lifting device for installing both sandwich roof and sandwich wall panels. The rechargeable battery ensures that you can work throughout the day, after which it can be recharged overnight.
Due to its modular concept, the CladBoy can be quickly and easily adapted to different purposes, such as the installation of:
  • flat or inclined roof panels with lengths ranging from 3 to 24 metres.
  • wall panels horizontally or vertically, up to lengths of 14 metres.
The CladBoy is optionally available with a telescopic traverse. This allows you to install sandwich roof panels with a length up to 16 meters. In combination with extra extension beams you are able to install sandwich roof panels with a length up to 20 meters, respectively.
The standard suction cups are suitable for virtually all currently known and common roof and wall panels. Special suction cup sets are available for other profiles, such as corrugated and roof tile profiles.
The device is robust, solidly built and equipped with strong protective guards. An audible alarm warns when the vacuum level is too low or the battery runs down. The suction cups are fitted with exchangeable sealing profiles that can be replaced quickly and economically in case of damage or wear.

With just a few adjustments, the CladBoy is also suitable for the installation of structural roof deck trays.
By changing out the standard suction cup seals, the different sizes and brands of structural roof deck trays can be picked up. Adjustable guides ensure that the device can be quickly placed on the profile.
This makes the heavy and exhausting manual work a thing of the past, complies with health and safety legislation, and saves your back.