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Hauptstr. 106
84088 Neufahrn/Niederbayern
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Werk-Schaufenster: ERLUS Manufaktur

Individuelle Maßanfertigung: In unserer Bibermanufaktur fertigen wir jeden Ziegel nach Deiner Vorgabe. Was alles möglich…

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The reliable partner for roofs, chimneys and ventilation systems

ERLUS AG is one of the leading manufacturers of roof tiles and chimney systems in Germany, with production sites in Neufahrn and Ergoldsbach in Lower Bavaria and in Teistungen in Thuringia. With its 175-year history, the medium-sized company has a wealth of experience in ceramic processing and is known in the construction industry for its consistently high product quality. The innovative and aesthetically designed ERLUS products add value to properties. Expertise, product diversity and traditional values have made ERLUS AG the ideal partner for new construction, renovation and listed building preservation projects.

Aesthetics and functionality on the roof
ERLUS clay roof tiles are high-quality products made from natural raw materials and impress with their diversity and modern, multiple award-winning designs. The tiles also exhibit excellent hail resistance, which is important in these times of ever more storms. The E 58 PLUS is the only roof tile in Europe to be awarded the highest hail resistance class of 5. The entire ERLUS roof range is hail-certified with a hail resistance class of at least 4.
The air-purifying ERLUS Lotus air® roof tile reflects a high level of environmental responsibility. ERLUS Lotus air® roof tiles break down 2.9 mg of nitrogen oxides per square metre and hour¹. With every hour of sunshine, a 160-square metre roof covered with ERLUS Lotus air® can convert 464 mg of nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrate. You can now drive your car for 10,000 kilometres² with a clear conscience: thanks to the sun³ and ERLUS Lotus air®!

Flexibility in heating
Even though the insulation values of buildings continue to improve, chimney systems remain an important component of building technology since they ensure flexibility in heating supply. Fiireplaces and tiled stove needs a chimney, as does the central heating system. ERLUS chimney systems are made of high-grade ceramic socket pipes; on request they can be fitted with an installation shaft for connecting a solar system and with two room air-independent flues for connecting a chimney stove and a central heating system. ERLUS thus enables flexible and future-oriented heating with all types of fuel.

Take a deep breath on every floor
As building envelopes become ever more impermeable, sufficient air exchange is not something that happens automatically anymore. ERLUS has therefore developed the Via Vento S system, a new intelligent solution that ensures a pleasant indoor climate and saves energy at the same time. The universal ventilation network for single-family homes guarantees fresh air and a pleasant climate in all rooms – regardless of room layout.
It consists of the vertical distribution element "Vento S" and the transverse distribution elements "Via". The narrow, vertical shaft fits into any wall of 17.5 centimetres thickness and therefore takes up no living space. ERLUS Via Vento S can also be combined with any standard central living area ventilation unit and is available as single or double flue with an additional installation shaft for building services. All components and accessories are fully mutually compatible and provide a universal ventilation solution for single-family homes.

1The breakdown rate was certified by the Fraunhofer Institute and measured under standard conditions (1 ppm NO content).

2 Basis of calculation: a Euro 6 standard diesel passenger car: 80 mg NOx/km limit.

3 Basis of calculation: 1,752 hours of sunshine per year (5-year mean value 2013 – 2017 for Munich,


For more information, contact:

Hauptstraße 106
84088 Neufahrn i. NB
Telephone: +49 (0)8773 18- 0
Fax: +49 (0)8773 18- 113

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