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Hauptstr. 106
84088 Neufahrn/Niederbayern

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Product description

The new ERLUS Lotus air® helps to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in the air. The special characteristic: the photocatalytic coating of the clay roof tiles contains anatase, a special form of titanium dioxide that actively purifies the air.
Nitrogen oxides normally enter the atmosphere naturally, where they are degraded to nitrate. Nitrogen oxides accumulate at the point of origin, especially when air mixing is prevented. This is why the pollution is particularly high in cities with valley locations, such as Stuttgart or Würzburg, or in inversion weather conditions. With ERLUS Lotus air®, the atmospheric process can be brought forward to the point of origin.
There are plenty of roof surfaces for the air-purifying roof tile in the cities. Every year new pitched roofs are created or existing roofs are renovated. Without changing the cityscape, ERLUS Lotus air® makes it possible to reduce nitrogen oxides quite easily.
Would you like to improve the air quality in your city with ERLUS Lotus air®? Please contact us for further information.