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Kronenstr. 55-58
10117 Berlin
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The funding partners of the German timber construction industry have set themselves the goal of taking appropriate measures to promote timber construction. With your measures you want to improve the technical, political and economic framework conditions of timber construction.

Timber construction in Germany has considerable growth potential. Wooden houses are modern, versatile and ecological. What's more, in many municipalities the raw material is growing on the doorstep. But timber construction is also facing great challenges. More research and development is needed to exploit the full potential of the building material. In particular, the fulfilment of technical requirements for fire protection and building physics in multi-storey timber construction, but also the lack of knowledge about the structural application of timber construction products among building planners, as well as disadvantageous regulations in building law and insufficient information for building owners are serious obstacles to an increasing use of timber in the building industry.

The current funding partners include Bruderverlag, Isocell, mikado, Steico, Velux, Würth and Holzbau Deutschland Leistungspartner.

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