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Sonnenstr. 2
89180 Berghülen
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Company profile

The history of Galaxy Energy GmbH begins in 1992. Today the company is a future-oriented, global company. The focus is on the development and sale of energy systems. As family operation is always the team in a priori, because only together can you achieve and achieve a great deal. The Schöll family as a 100% partner of Galaxy Energy GmbH accompanies all important positions of the company. Supported by an excellent young and dynamic team.

We have been the INDACH specialist for over 10 years!
When other roofs were being extensively renovated, we were already replacing complete roof structures. Nobody on the market can prove a longer system test than we do. Because with our in-roof system, we can not only create complete roofs, but also give our customers a 20-year tightness guarantee. Trust us, we know how it works, because we invented it.

And what is the unbeatable advantage?
Our INDACH fits on every roof - whether old building, new building, extension or curtain. The advantage is the modular principle: with just a few system components, not only handling remains the same, planning is also consistently simple. With the in-roof quantity calculator, you have a project ready in no time, leaving more time for the essentials - the satisfied roof owner!

The most famous way to install photovoltaics is the on-roof variant. Many find, however, that it is its optish not with the house connected and on set effects. In our opinion, a rooftop system can also be if you do it correctly! Black, slim, sexy - with our Edition modules and the exclusive covering details, your PV system fits perfectly to your roof area.

BIPV systems have also long been a rarity in residential construction. All projects have in common the renovation of an old roof truss or the construction of a new building:

A terrace covering can expand the living space and be a protected place in the outside area. Protection from rain, snow and strong sun rays is important. With our in-roof system, the terrace remains flooded with light and provides optimal protection against external influences.

So far, fall protection systems that are made of glass or wood have not been exactly wallet friendly. Our PV balcony is unbeatable in price and also produces electricity. The view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of our view of the view of the view of the view of the view of the view of the balcony. This not only pleases your wallet, but also the smallest.

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