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  • Start up Area


Grüner Dyk 7 - 37
47803 Krefeld
North Rhine-Westphalia
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Company profile

Finck & Co. is a medium-sized manufacturing family business in Krefeld.
Since the company was founded in 1853, we have been processing and finishing papers and films for a wide range of applications.
Under the objective "Saving heating costs through thermal insulation" we have patented and launched the heat-reflecting insulation material ISUM MF 14 after seven years of development. For more than six years, this innovative product has proven itself in many buildings.
ISUM MF 14 consists of a 14-layer composite system. The product has all building authority approvals and represents a new option for climate protection.
ISUM MF 14 diffusion-closed (vapour retarder/barrier)
ISUM MF 14 M diffusion-open (underlay)
  •  only 11 mm thick
  •  Simple, clean and fast application with scissors, stapler and ISUM adhesive tape
  •  For roof, wall and floor insulation
  •  Pollutant-free | Dust-free | Durable and UV-resistant


    Inside ISUM MF 14 and outside ISUM MF 14 M
    Basement ceiling insulation | ISUM MF 14 M

Technical data
  •  WLG (heat conducting group) 024
  •  390 Gr. /m² light
  •  96% Heat reflection (reflection)
  •  7.5 m x 1.2 m = 9 m² (unrolled)
  •  14 material layers