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Eselsfürther Bahnhof 1
67657 Kaiserslautern
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Working on the ladder –
an often underestimated danger!!

About every 3 minutes a ladder accident happens in Germany!! How do you secure your ladder?

According to the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, about 180,000 ladder accidents occur in Germany every year. About 50,000 of them happens in private households.

Ladders are among the most common working tools and be used millions of times a day in Germany. However, an appropriate Ladder Head Safety System is used far too rarely.

The Ladder-Head-Safety-System or “LeiKoSi”

The Ladder-Head-Safety-System or LeiKoSi in short, is used to secure leaning ladders, sliding and cable ladders as well as corresponding multi-purpose laddersthat can be used in the leaning position. The application is very simple and unique in its handling. The LeiKoSi is designed in a way, that it can be mounted from the ground to the ladder before the ladder is raised and that just with a few simple steps.

When you now lean on the ladder to gutters, flat roofs, etc., it is already reliably secured against slipping. If the ladder needs to be moved, you can simply push it from the ground without loosening the anchoring. These features make our product unique.

LeiKoSi ensures safety for:
  • Leaning Ladders
  • Rope-Operated Ladders
  • Extension Ladders
  • Multipurpose Ladders*
*that can be used in the leaning position.

High quality standard: Our LeiKoSi is 100% made in Germany!

Many professional craftsmen, such as chimney sweeps, roofers, carpenters, electricians, painters and many other branches of trade and industry rely on the safety of our ladder protection. But also state institutions such as the building unit of many cities and municipalities or civil protection such as fire brigade and THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) use our LeiKoSi Ladder-Head-Safety-System out of conviction.

LeiKoSi – The Ladder-Head-Safety-System Tested by the German Social Accident Insurance & promoted by the German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention for the construction industry.

“This well thought-out and stable design makes a significant contribution to occupational safety when working with ladders, taking into account the instructions for use.”

Source: DGUV report
The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) is the top organization of the professional trade associations and accident insurance companies.

The “Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft” (German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention for the construction industry) promote the purchase of our LeiKoSi for its member companies with up to 50%.

More information at www.leikosi.com/en