Multiple Clamping Systems

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Erwin-Halder-Str. 5-9
88480 Achstetten-Bronnen

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Phone: +[49] (07392) 7009-0
Fax: +[49] (07392) 7009-160

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Product description

Erwin Halder KG is a manufacturer of hand tools - The Original for Professionals.
For more than 80 years now, Halder soft-face mallets and forestry tools have been the epitome of smart solutions and supreme “Made in Germany” material quality.
This product range includes these main groups:
  • Soft-face mallets (SIMPLEX, BASEPLEX)
  • Sledge hammers (SIMPLEX)
  • Soft-face mallets, non-rebound (SUPERCRAFT, BLACKCRAFT, SECURAL)
  • Sledge hammers, non-rebound (SUPERCRAFT)
  • Locksmith's hammers (MAXXCRAFT)
  • Combi hammer (FERROPLEX)
  • Forestry tools (splitting axe, splitting hammer, twisted splitting wedge, hand axe)
  • Accessories (punches, drop-mallets)
The success story of Erwin Halder KG began more than 80 years ago with the company's founding product, the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet. Today, Halder ranks among the leading manufacturers of workholding systems, standard parts, hand tools, and aviation products.
Along with numerous versions of the SIMPLEX soft-face mallets, the product range of hand tools now includes SUPERCRAFT non-rebound mallets, as well as forestry tools.