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Hochofenstr. 27
44263 Dortmund
North Rhine-Westphalia
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The complexity of the process of awarding a contract for construction services is disproportionate to the shortage of skilled workers in the craft trades prevailing in Germany. Whether national or international, whether public or private, every contract award is preceded by an assessment of the requirements in conjunction with a call for tenders for the defined procurement target. This invitation to tender / bill of quantities is sent to the tradesman, who is often working at above-average capacity, with a request to prepare a cost estimate for the services to be performed.

Currently, the situation is such that the craft enterprises that wish to make such offers must in turn obtain numerous offers from their suppliers. Due to the varying market prices, individual prices from different building material dealers must be obtained for each project in order to be able to form a price comparison list.
Consequently, the tradesman must inform each building materials dealer separately of his requirements. This often means a lot of detailed correspondence and corresponding telephone calls to transfer the exact specifications of the required materials.

Building material dealers, on the other hand, often lack detailed specifications in these requests regarding the required building materials, such as fire protection class, required quantity or available colours of the requested material. Accordingly, the sales staff of the building-materials dealer must contact the craft firms in order to obtain the missing information. This is often difficult, especially in smaller companies without their own purchasing department. The person making the request is often not immediately available at the moment of the trader's request, so that the sales representative of the trade has a correspondingly growing counter-submission.
As a result, capacity is unnecessarily tied up on the part of both the tradesman and the dealer.
Price breaker offers the solution in this respect.

All advantages at a glance for the craftsman:
  •     The fastest way at the best price.
  •     With just one mouse click your inquiry reaches all relevant specialist dealers
  •     Offers also from previously unknown dealers
  •     Faster calculation through prompt offers
  •     Your request will be forwarded exclusively to the registered specialist dealers and is not visible to their competitors

All advantages at a glance for the building materials dealer:
  •     More turnover without acquisition
  •     Requests from previously unknown customers
  •     Product-specific inquiries
  •     Exact statistics of the requested products to control their success
  •     Create new capacities by relieving the workload of the office and field service
  •     Overview of your customers' requirements for the strategic orientation of your product portfolio
  •     The offer is made by you directly to the customer so that the necessary discretion is maintained

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