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Zillertalstr. 39
6263 Fügen

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Phone: +43 5288 6010
Fax: +43 5288 60111009

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Product description

Build something solid with wood
binderholz CLT BBS has a multilayer construction, completely made of solid wood. By bonding the longitudinal and transverse layers together, any warping of the wood - swelling or shrinkage - is reduced to a negligible level. This means it can comfortably meet the requirements of a modern building material. Cross Laminated Timber BBS is monolithic, that is to say that it is in effect a single piece of wood, with just 0.6% being environmentally friendly glue. The solid finished component is able to carry high loads, is fireproof, enables rapid construction without water, and has sound and heat insulating properties. It regulates the humidity of the air inside the building, creating a comfortable and balanced climate - in both summer and winter.
CLT BBS makes design and construction easier. It guarantees defined structural-physical and mechanical properties, so that the designed building physics can be easily implemented and tested as well. Many designers regard this as being one of the greatest advantages of a BBS construction. No complexity of design. No films. No complicated details. Design, construction and inspection - all very simple.