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Pol. Ind. De Villallana - Parc. 1
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Product description

Zinc cladding and roofing allows a great deal of freedom when designing.
The elZinc Alkimi aesthetic finishes give character and authenticity to your architectural projects.
Manufactured from elZinc Natural, according to EN988 and ASTM B-69 standards, through a unique surface treatment carried out with elZinc technology and know-how, the elZinc Alkimi range respects and maintains intact the zinc´s original properties.
Zinc cladding and roofing contributes to create a unique style and confers undeniable aesthetic value to buildings.
Used alone or combined, the shades that compose elZinc Alkimi - currently the widest on the market - reveal the shapes, the volumes and the textures of architecture.

elZinc Alkimi finishes :
- elZinc Natural : the original titanium zin fresh forom the rolling mill. Exhibiting all the qualities of a naturally weathering metal, elZinc® Natural starts its life showing a metallic silver colour.
The natural patina, which develops automatically on exposure to the weather, turns the finish to a pleasant matt grey colour. It also provides a self-healing protective layer giving it exceptional resistance against corrosion.
- elZinc Graphite : elZinc Graphite® is architectural zinc pre-weathered to a very dark, almost black, shade of grey. Bringing to the fore the cladding´s lines in a refined fashion, it is appreciated for its purity and sobriety.
Combined with other materials such as wood or glass, it allows the creation of stylish and long-lasting facades which maintain their original elegance as time passes by.
- elZinc Slate : elZinc Slate® is a pre-patinated matt grey zinc having a very similar appearance to naturally weathered zinc. It is used in roofing and cladding, where it harmonizes perfectly with other building materials, or indeed indoors, where a natural patina would take much longer to form. elZinc Slate® is also used in restoration and renovation since its colour allows it to blend in easily with existing weathered zinc.
- elZinc Crystal : Pearl grey pre-patinated zinc, elZinc Crystal® creates striking effects that personalize your façades. Its changing reflections play with light and give it a different look depending on its exposure.
Modern yet timeless, elZinc Crystal® helps you to bring a unique touch to your architecture.
- elZinc Oliva : elZinc Oliva® is a dark grey pre-weathered zinc with subtle greenish and bluish hues. These contemporary tones guarantee a natural and balanced contrast with the surrounding environment.
Subtle and sophisticated, elZinc Oliva® enhances any building´s appearance with unique and personalized aesthetics.
- elZinc Lava : lZinc Lava® is a basalt grey pre-weathered zinc. Its colour sits perfectly amongst the other finishes in the elZinc range and thus allows a greyscale gradient design that can add dynamism to façades in a strikingly unique way. Resistant and good looking, elZinc Lava® can be incorporated into both contemporary and traditional architecture.

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